Apparently wolves (and dogs) have perfect pitch and are able to recognize notes, in the video a woman teaches her 2 golden retrievers to play a tune by ear, and they do it quite well without making mistakes.

Much better than many human musicians I've seen.
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Damn. That's pretty impressive.
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So funny and cute! Even though some of the comments do point out flaws with what they're claiming.

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Maybe the dog could play better if they established the keyboard vertically rather than horizontally, as the dog spent most of its time moving side to side rather than playing.

Its memory of where notes are though, that's still quite impressive.
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So do people.

But having a dog do it is far more amusing for people.
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I make music sometimes.
It doesn't really prove that they're recognizing the notes - more that they have established a name for each key on the keyboard and can press it on command. If the woman sang the notes and then had the dog find them on the keyboard, that'd be proving something.

edit - i should probably watch more than the first quarter of the video before making a comment. That's some impressive recorder work.
Dogs can identify sounds and associate them with an action? Well this changes everything...

This is exactly what dogs do anyway - they associate specific sounds with actions. That's why commands work.
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s the dog spent most of its time moving side to side rather than playing.