I'm a guitarist with little to no drum knowledge, but I figure that modifying rhythmical drum concepts and ideas to apply to guitar playing would be an interesting way to write. Keeping that in mind, are there any books or websites people can recommend that do not teach about technique but instead focus on groove and rhythmic ideas? And by this I don't really mean like polyrhythmic stuff and time signatures, I more mean how the different pieces of a kit can interact. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense!
I agree. That was a nice video. He mentioned having the rhythm guitar match the kick drum. That's a very common thing in music and particularly so in heavy metal. If you listen to pretty much ANY Killswitch Engage song, you'll hear heavy muted chords in perfect synch with the kick drum. You could do the opposite, too. You could time some higher notes along with some snare or cymbal hits.