Browsing around for my first proper metal guitar and I stumbled across this, and was wondering if it is just too good to be true. The price would be more for me as I'd have to pay for shipping to the UK, but it still looks like it would work out to be much cheaper than any similar guitars I've found for that price.
There are a few pretty decent reviews of Xaviere guitars here on UG, but none of this one. Would this be a good buy? If not, what alternatives are there? Would I be able to get anything decent at this kind of price? Before you ask what I'd look for in an alternative, it'd be pretty much what this one is: Floyd Rose (or a decent Edge bridge (as I hear some are good and some are awful)) and 24 frets (not totally essential I guess, but would definitely be a major plus). I would also talk about scale length, but as I play an Epi Les Paul and really lust after a Fender Jaguar I think I prefer shorter scale lengths, which are not at all common in metal guitars (I'm assuming because of jumbo frets? no idea really, feel free to enlighten me!). Thanks in advance.

If you actually read through all of that post, thank you! If not, I don't blame you...
Good luck, they've been out of stock on these since last year. Every color. They were supposed to get more in back in February 2012, but that was almost 3 months ago. No idea what could possibly be taking them so long to get more.

the big problem is if something goes wrong you're kinda screwed, as it wouldn't be financially viable to ship it back

also don't forget you're liable to get hit with customs and VAT charges (~25% of the total price, including shipping), so it won't end up as cheap as you think.
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