I received a second hand LTD F-100FM which has always had very bad string buzz (definalty not fret buzz). After getting it looked at i was told the loose saddles on the tune-o-matic bridge were almost certainly causing the buzz. I bought a replacement TOM bridge that has roller saddles on it, and having replaced the original bridge with the roller-saddle bridge the problem hasn't improved much. Since i can move the roller saddles side to side a bit with my hands when the bridge is off the guitar is it certian that this bridge causes string-buzz problems?

I was also told that the nut could also be causing buzz as well (it is plastic), as the material its made from creates too much friction between the strings and the nut. I ran a pencil a few times in the string slots in the nut to counter this.

With these things in mind how likely is it that the roller-saddle bridge is contributing to the buzz problem?

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Saddle buzz is pretty common. It doesn't hurt anything so it's usually best to let it be.
Do you hear it when you are playing amplified or just unplugged. Unplugged it is very common to hear all sorts of buzzing from frets, bridge, and other hardware. If you don't hear it when amplified it is best to leave it alone. To totally eliminate any buzzing sounds would probably require setting the guitar up in such fashion that playability and action would be compromised.

How did you determine that you are not hearing fret buzz?

You mention the nut... is the buzzing only on open strings? If so, there may be an issue with the nut, but once you fret a string, the nut is pretty much out of the equation.
Other than some locking TOM bridge units, most will have some movement in them. Some cheaper units are really bad and vibrate alot (my Gretsch is very prone to this) while others are dead silent even though there is some movement. In short, they don't need to be tight.

also, string buzz is fret buzz.

Lets try to isolate the source of the noise. It could be the saddles, nut (very unlikely), tuners (quite likely), pickups (loose) or internals.

play your guitar unplugged and listen very closely for where the sound comes from. Once you know which part of the guitar it comes from, try to isolate what could be moving. If the buzz is coming from the strings themselves, its probably fret-buzz
I don't know about Toms but with my strat style brige ther was saddel vibration causing a buzz and I gust put some buffer in(picks or cardboard riped of a box) just saying some thing you mite be able to try