I can't find the answer anywhere, so I need you all. How do I individualize tracks on reaper? I have a 6 input interface, but I cant separate the mics onto specific tracks, it always records all the mics on one track. For instance, If I were trying to record guitar and drums at the same time, I plug the mics in the interface, and it records both instruments on one track. Thanks for any help.
make 6 tracks on the side view click on where it says Mic 1 and it will open up allowing you to select others. Granted, you need to go to audio settings where you select the ASIO drivers and make sure that for inputs you have it set Input 1 to Input 6
if you select the button that says [in] on the track, you can select the input. there should be selections for both mono and stereo tracks, and you can select the correct input you want. also have to make sure that all the tracks are available in the settings page, but it sounds like they are.
not sure why it is recording all the tracks to one track, unless your interface is somehow premixing everything down?