Things to know:
Im broke ass hell and I play my guitar tuned down to A as im a Korn fan. I use a vst pitch shifter to play a ok substitute for bass(most of the tone and slap fades after 6-7 semitones down), but im limited to my computer and want to play live.
My ideas:
convert my guitar to a bass by switching the strings
find a cheap pitch shift pedal
find a cheap enough used bass and amp(no luck so far)
Any advice is helpful
Save up your money, and get a good bass. Dont try to convert your guitar to a bass by switching the strings. The short scale would make for shit string tension, especially if you plan on drop tuning
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Putting bass strings on your guitar would probably destroy it. Pitch shift pedals (especially cheap ones) won't give a decent bass tone. Get a bass
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find a beginner ibanez cause that's Korn right there. then buy some 5 string bass strings, and only use the biggest 4 and just tune enough to get the slack out. Then realize your cheap bass 10 watt amp can't do korn... priceless.

The problem with choosing artists who use crazy setups, is they usually cost a good deal to replicate. I'm no fan of Korn but what I seem to read every time someone asks, is that the bassist has a very mid scooped tone, and uses a lot of cabs and headroom to keep a clean signal that can actually be heard since his tone is very poor in the mix.

Not trying to diss your band, but your ideas all would cost or destroy and cost you more than just saving up and hoping you play live in places with a PA.
are you planning on switching fully to bass? you could sell your guitar if thats the case. otherwise I'd spend the money on just a bass for right now. If you've never played bass before then I doubt you'd be good enough to go out gigging in your first week. I don't know if anyone is
What IS your budget? You can pick up a used Ibanez and a used Peavey TNT 115 fairly cheap.
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