Our band is called Lethal By Default. The bass player and I started the band in 2003, and the current line up came together in 2009. Our long time drummer has chose to leave the group to focus fully on school.

We are a rather busy band(not as busy as I'd like). We usually play 1 to 2 shows a weekend. And we have goals of regional tours this summer.

We live in Woodhull, IL. Which is 40 minutes south of the Quad Cities(which is why I included Iowa, we aren't far from the Mississippi). Woodhull, is also about an hour or so North of Peoria. Just to give you an idea of where we are.

As I said, we are a relativity busy band. We have practices every saturday(unless we have a show). We are currently recording a full length album in a suburb of Chicago. Should you choose to be our drummer, you will finish the last 3 tracks on the album(however, your drums will be triggered to sound like our old drummers kit).

Anyway. I think I have given you a pretty decent idea of where we are coming from.

You can check out our tunes at:


To get in contact with us, reply here or send us an email to: lethalbydefault@gmail.com

Many thanks.