Hi there,

I just bought a Rogue vb100 violin "beatle" bass. I don't know much about basses so I was wondering if you guys could help me setting up the bridge and pickup height on it.

Ive adjusted the location of the floating bridge to get good intonation on all of the strings. The string height on the frets seem perfect right now to me playing. However, if i turn off the neck pickup, the bridge pickup alone produces almost no sound. I can turn up my amp volume all the way and the bridge pickup is barely audible. I was wondering if this is normal for these types basses or if i need to raise this pickup/lower this bridge? Ive never adjusted pickup height before and I dont want to adjust it too much and mess it up or anything.

Thanks for any help!

(Also, if this is in the wrong forum I sincerely apologise)
take a picture link it here, also measure the existing height on both sides and with the picture you have a record. Then raise it etc. and see. Could also be poor wiring, but first things first.

Here are some pictures. The neck pickup is 4/16" from the strings, the bridge is 5-6/16" from the strings. I tried raising the bridge pickup (after turning the screw the wrong way and having it drop into the body I realized how to raise it lol) and it's already at its full height.

Should I try lowering the bridge? The strings are already a good height and I feel like lowering it would cause them to be too low. Could it be bad wiring? The sound is there, it's just really quiet in comparison to the volume of the neck pickup.

Can anyone with a violin style bass let me know how their neck pickup volume is compared to their bridge pickup volume?
is this just volume volume tone? or are their switches?

Where and how long ago did you get the bass?

I'd suggest going where you got it (if a store or online store) and explaining you bought it there, etc and that it's not working, and you expect a competent setup/repair or a replacement and mebe compensation for your disatisfaction with their product (look sad and get free strap n strings or something).
Thanks, I'm going to set up an exchange for another one. I bought it from musiciansfriend btw.