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Inspired by this song, was discussed this morning by the radio show I always listen to:

This band is hilarious.

Sometimes, I just appreciate corny music for the sake of the corniness. For this reason, I have the montage music from Rocky IV on my iPod, and other things along those lines.

Anyone else know of any hilariously/awesomely corny music? Perhaps a guilty pleasure, if you will.
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I find most stuff involving a banjo/ukulele to be extremely corny and "jokeish". I usually can't really stand it. It gets too goofy.

Some stuff can be both corny and awesome at the same time. I find Stump - Buffalo to be rather corny but it's still a nice song.

And the same with the swedish progband Philemon Arthur & The Dung. They are absolutely hilarious but at the same time damn good.
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inb4 real, successful bands like Metallica
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so dumb and has nothing to do with anything in the show

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Johnathan Coulton-IKEA

Elvis Shoenberg and the Orchestra Surreal is ridiculous too. Here's them doing Purple Haze (shitty quality, I know, they're hard to find).

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Quote by JohnnyGenzale
I find most stuff involving a banjo/ukulele to be extremely corny and "jokeish". I usually can't really stand it. It gets too goofy.

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Flight Of The Conchords.
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A lot of heavy metal is VERY corny but goddammit I love it!
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A lot of stuff by Hadouken

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