They say that you can really hurt
yourself if you don't breathe
out as you come to the surface
after you've deep underwater
for a long while.

My therapist says that
I'm really making a lot of progress
lately. In return I
asked him how long she
figured I could hold
my breathe.

I sent her an email today.
Bubbles rise pretty fast,
did you know that?
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I quite like it, just reading without any rhythmic sense.
I would change out email for letter, it sounds a bit more respectable.
But hey, it's your stuff.

Just a little thing:
As a verb, it's spelled breathe. ex: I breathe, you breathe, etc.
As a noun, it's spelled breath. ex: Hold my breath.
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Ah, thanks for the typo catch! And I thought about changing it to letter, but it wouldn't be as true to life. Thanks!