How would I go about adjusting pickup height on a guitar without pickup rings? Do I have to take it out and stuff foam under them? :\
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Dude, there should be two screws on both sides of the pup somewhere just screw them up a tad.
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Im pretty sure that doesn't work in a guitar without pickup rings...wont that just take the pup out?
Eventually yes, turning the screws winds the pickups until they totally separate, but usually you have to be lowering for that to happen... but why even ask, just give em a turn and see what happens - whats the worst, you have to screw them back in.
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Those screws will still adjust the height. the spring should be under the ear of the pick up instead of above it to allow adjustment. But yeah, half the fun is experimenting. As said worse case scenario you just screw it back together.
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