I'm looking at replacing the humbucker on my 5-String bass with a Seymour Duncan Blackout bucker.

The matter of swapping it over is no problem to me, but this is a purely aesthetic problem I see myself facing.

The current pickup in my bass has two offset screws towards the Low B and one centered screw on the opposite side. These three screws are not in the traditional "body" of the humbucker but rather are on the outside of the pickup, meaning any replacement of a pickup will leave me with big holes and gaps on the outside of the pickup, which in all honesty, will just look horrible.

I'm doing some research on pickup frames, but all I can find are for guitar humbuckers, and nothing related to 5-string basses, since there are a slight difference in the size of humbuckers, if I am correct.

Would anybody know a website where they would custom make 5-string humbucker frames, or a starting point on where to look?

I've searched multiple online guitar stores, ebay etc, and so far I have turned up nothing.

Any help would be appreciated
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