Yup back from some banning thank you to the mods. No hard feelings.. And I apologize for what I did.

No really I do... I learned my lesson.

Now. What's been going on... Got a job,still selling my pedals, joined a band recently(awsome death metal band).

Haven't been up to a dam thing honestly...

But now that I'm back I got a few things to say.

1. **** Craigslist.
2. eBay is bullshit.
3. I pray one day that make indestructible condoms...cause I hate spending $60 on a morning after pill...

Music is my religion and Rock N Roll is god
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.