I am going to buy a new bridge pickup for my American Standard ash SSS strat with maple fingerboard. The guitar is absolutely stock now. I am tired of the hum and noise that comes from my guitar when I turn up the gain, so I want a higher output humbucking pickup in a single-coil size.
After some research I've settled on some pickups, and I really need your opinion on my choice: SD Little 59; SD JB Jr; SD Hot Rails; Dimarzio Chopper; Dimarzio ProTrack.
I want a noiseless (well, they are all noiseless, aren't they?) high-output pickup which will sound close to a full-sized bright sounding humbucker and will be suitable for genres from blues to modern rock and 80's heavy metal. I don't like LP-like fat sound (in fact, when I play a Les Paul, I always turn the Tone knob on my amp and the guitar to the max, and I am still unsatisfied). On the other hand, I don't want my guitar to sound thin and too bright.
Frankly speaking, Seymour Duncan's JB Jr appeals to me most, but after reading some reviews I have become afraid that it will sound thin and lifeless in my ash strat with maple neck, which is a bright-sounding guitar on default. Please help!

PS: sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language!
While the single coil sized humbuckers are awesome, you can get one problem that I got on my Am. Std. Strat...it's super loud in comparison to the single coils.
I guess you can change some components and wiring to fix the balance, but I like to keep things simple.
Anyway..I had a DiMarzio ToneZone which sounded great, but it was just overpowering the singles in middle and neck position.
I swapped it out a while ago to a DiMarzio Injector singlecoil (Paul Gilbert signature ones) and it is amazing. If you back up on the tone a little bit you get it to sound a little bit more humbuckerish. It is hum-cancelling as well so no problem with that.
The Injector can easily handle the genres you want to play.

Long story short, don't rule out hum cancelling single coils!
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Lace Sensor Red. will have plenty of balls for the higher gain stuff but still retain enough of the strat sound for blues etc.
I definitely recommend the Hot Rails. I have them in the bridge and neck positions of my strat copy and love them both.