Alrighty, I'm looking for a half decent guitar around the price bracket of $500 to $700, looking at probably using it for Drop B, A# and A metal.

So far, I like the look of the Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe, but I'm open to suggestions.

I would consider to get a guitar with average pickups, given that I'm using a Peavey Vypyr amp, but I'm not a confident solderer, so getting a guitar with, say, EMG's would be good to save the cost of buying and installing pickups.

Any suggestions for a half-decent $500-$700 guitar?

Oh, and out of curiosity, how much would it cost for a semi-decent BC Rich? I've heard people say their cheaper models leave a lot to be desired, but I am privy to a BC Rich if, say, changing pickups makes them a lot better quality.
In my experience the cheaper BC Riches have been quite terrible. :\ They look the part they intend to play, no doubt. Putting EMG:s on them would make them better, but the build quality isn't changed by it. Don't expect brilliant sustain (maybe you don't need that) or a really smooth, comfortable neck, great durability etc, compared to the more expensive stuff.

Ibanez, perhaps? Or if you're going to be tuning that low, perhaps you should be concidering a 7-string. It's built to handle those tunings without resorting to strings you can barely bend without the strenght of Chuck Norris. :P At least that's my personal experience.
If I were you I'd actually check out the Schechter Damien Elite 7. 24 frets, good EMG pickups (81/85), a cool red colour and cross inlays (if you're going for looks!), double cutaway for easy access to the higher frets, comes with or without a Floyd Rose. Has a really wicked metal tone (can be heard on Thomann) Costs about 630$ from zzsounds. You may even find it cheaper if you take a closer look.
I have a BC Rich JR V Icon and it's pretty good though it has only one pickup which doesn't matter to me at all. how about the BC Rich Jr V Delux?
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ibanez rg7321

its comfortable and sounds great. although you might have to be good at EQing since the stock dimarzio blaze have NO mids. Im pretty sure theyre supposed to be midless, but its not really my preference. but sound very good nontheless.

another thing, EMGs through a vypyr isnt the best combo. sounds overly sterile on that amp, Ive noticed the passives on my ibanez to be more versatile and clear than EMGs through that amp.
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I would suggest one of the ESP EC400's. EMG 60/81 pickups and good quality for your price range.

Btw, +1 on the active pickups/vypyr combination not really being the best, but you could always upgrade your amp in the future.
alrighty, thanks guys.

Btw, +1 on the active pickups/vypyr combination not really being the best, but you could always upgrade your amp in the future.

Some day, I plan to buy a 6505 head and amp, maybe plus a Butcher head for versatility. That's long-term, big-picture stuff though.