Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you all know of my band Knightmare, its a heavy, thrashy, powerful and melodic style of metal, with influences from movie sound tracks etc...

Would love to hear what you think :: KNIGHTMARE
This belongs in the "Promote Your Band" forum, not the "Bands & Artists" forum. It's not bad, but it's not like I haven't heard all of 4872 bands that do the same thing better.
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rofl, this band is a piece of crap. it doesn't need to be promoted on any forum

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**** you guys, Mick is awesome

*high five!* haha
I'm new here, I just went to the first most relevant place I saw =)
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Didn't say he wasn't awesome, or that his music isn't.

It's just that most people of a certain age from the UK, when they see "Knightmare" will think....


I didn't realise that till a few years after I nammed the band that... anyway, I work as a markting expert for my company, so it's time to re brand the name I think!

By the way, love the name Master of Puppies hahahhaa
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It's rare that Emenius will all out shit on something. Be prideful about that Mick.

All good, for each person that shits on it, we sell 10 cds, fire away!