As much as I love and would like to use the effects of my Axe Fx II, I just prefer the convenience of VST's when it comes to mixing verbs, delays and modulation effects.

Thus, I'm looking to buy a high quality delay plugin or two. I need digital, analogue and tape delays that are not that far from ballpark of the Axe's effects in terms of quality.

Any recs?

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Budget would help. I guess I would recommend Waves H-Delay to anyone, really nice layout and quite intuitive
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I feel like I should get a waves bundle ASAP....I may have to make an order...

Personally I can't find any great delays vst wise that are cheap. Not a fan of most free ones and don't care for the sonitus one (I run many effects from sonitus plugin suite).

One though that I think is excellent for vocals is TAL Dub-II it's free. I doubt I would use it for anything else.
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Have been recommended Soundtoys Echoboy elsewhere - looks pretty solid! Going to try the demo ASAP
Echoboy is pretty damn good. I use it a lot for electronic music.
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