Hey guys,

I play dropped C tuning and this D'addario-set is specialy made for that tuning. I was thinking about giving it a try. Anybody used these for that tuning before?

By the way, is the G-string wound or plain? 'Cause I'm used to it being wound...plain doesn't really work for me anymore

I just bought these strings about 10min ago on ebay but i would guess the G would be a plain because it wasn't stated with a 'w' or wound on the packet.

I won't be using these for Drop C but instead i'm gonna use them for C standard and lower tunings to see how they work. I'd imagine the tension on the strings would be too high or tight for my liking as im used to 56-10 gauge strings for Drop C and B
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The G string is NOT wound.
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Yeah, it's plain. It's like the one that comes in the 12-54 set, which I tend to trust.

If you play specifically in drop C tuning, you could try DR DDT strings.
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