I am looking for a distortion pedal that will mesh well with my Classic 30. I have a vox satchurator which I loved through my Marshall, however it does not go well with my Peavey. I like the overall distortion that my amp produces by itself so I might just be looking at a decent overdrive to run as a boost. The Boss I have is great, but I like it more as a clean channel boost. I was looking at Joyo Ultimate Drive pedals, and for the price I feel like I can't go wrong, but not to sure if this is what I would want. I am not trying to get my amp to sound like something that it is not, I was just trying to get a tighter more full distortion. Don't want a pedal that sounds like you are putting metal into a blender. I do plan on selling the vox. Thanks for all your help!

Edit: Sounds I am going for are Devil Wears Prada, Between the Buried and Me, etc.
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i run a Digitech CM-2 overdrive into my Valveking and so far have been really happy with the results. has a classic and mod setting. both come in handy depending on the channel i'm using and how much extra umph i need. works fine as a boost as well. very responsive 2 band eq.