good now that I got your attention !!!

I run a program fruity loop studio aka fl studio

its a djing downloaded program that is a bitch to use * so many ****in buttens*
and I wanted to see if there are any other djs on this web site

now I know your thinking this - This is a guitarist web site . Read the title of the web site and go somewhere but not here trolololololololo

but im a guitarist and have been here for a long time

so UG? do you dj ? what programe do you use ?

and most importanly

if you use fl studio what drum program do you use and can I have it I have a shitty bass / kick drum

sorry for my bad grammer I have no spell check nor can I spell properly XD
You don't understand what a DJ is it seems. A DJ remixes songs live by the use of his laptop, mixer and/or decks. I'm a DJ and I use Traktor Pro 2 in conjunction with my Traktor S2 Kontrol (and laptop).

I think what you mean is that you are an Electronic Musician trying to make Electronic Music. I think you're looking for this thread though: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1255181

It's where all the Electronic Musicians talk! Good luck
yea I was asking for that I know that a computer dj is not a dj but its in the same aspect I may not be scratching records and turn tables that cost up to 800 to hook to my damn computer * iv tryed* but yea thanks

also I make music not beat mix it or make remixes *yet*

thanks again
Then that's the thread you'll want. They release Electronic Albums for free made up of users submissions. They're very helpful too. They don't seem to be DJs like I am though