Hey folks,

I want to get a clapton sound without buying his signature pedal (which I hear sucks) or buying a different amp. The setup I have now works nicely but i want something closer to his sound in the more recent years. Particularly the overdrive/distortion he uses on Layla (2005-present) and the White Room sound played in 2005. I have an American Strat running to a Fender Blues Junior III. The current overdrive and distortion pedals I have are a Boss BD-2, Boss DS-2, and an EH Big Muff. I'm looking for another pedal that can give me that smooth tone. Thanks for any help.
keeley mod the Boss BD-2, will do wonders
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The distortion he has on white room here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60Mskdg5_HA&feature=related definitely has more of a Fuzz Face vibe, you can't really get it with a Big Muff so maybe try out some fuzz pedals

Don't see why you couldn't couldnt get Layla with your current gear though, just turn the amp up a bit and boost it with the BD2 if its still not there. Just balance out the EQ well so its nice and creamy, easy on the treble, maybe with the guitars tone knob rolled the a tad too.
mid boost which is what clapton uses in his strat. any way you look at it you need to boost the mids to get his more current tones.