Poll: Did you ever cover for your friends to save them getting into trouble?
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View poll results: Did you ever cover for your friends to save them getting into trouble?
25 37%
28 41%
What is this 'friends' that you speak of?
12 18%
So no one told you life was going to be this way? :(
3 4%
Voters: 68.
Think back to when you were a young boy/girl/other and you had friends round at your house. Was there ever a time when one of your friends did something bad? For example break your mother's favourite vase.
Did you ever feel obligated to perform the extremely selfless act of covering for your friend and saying that you were the one who broke her beloved vase?
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No. If they did then i don't remember.
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I don't actually remember doing it for a friend but I know I've done it for my brothers multiple times.

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I don't remember anything like that ever happening. But one time we dropped water balloons out the window, that was really funny.
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Nah. I broke a vase thing at my mate's house and we just taped it back together.

works every time...
No, never. When my friends (not that I had a lot) did something bad they really put ALL their effort into it and it'd be pretty obvious it wasn't me because I never did anything like that. At least not with other people. If i wanted to be daring and rebellious I'd do it on my own and not tell anyone about it.
None of that stuff ever happened at my house.
Largely because noone ever came round.
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i don't think so...

i once broke the light on our living room ceiling fan right before i left to go to Hope Depot with my dad. i didn't tell him, he found out when we got back home. he wasn't even really mad. he was like, "why the hell didn't you tell me? we just ****ing went to Home Depot."
I just hid that shit behind something else. Everybody wins!
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I had a birthday party, and a friend of mine managed to tear down a door. My parents saw it happen, so no, I didn't take the blame.
One time a kid i used to be friends with called 911 from my house and just hung up thinking nothing would happen.The cops came and kicked the door down.When my mom got home i told her what happened and she told the other kid's parents what he did.I think they damn near murdered him because i didn't see him again for like 3 months or so.
I am not accountable for this, okay.
Nope. My friends are incapable of error.
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i just remembered a friend ratting me out for eating a whole box of devil dogs at his house.

the night before he was all like "yeah, have as many as you want"
and i'm like, "don't mind if i do" *eat whole box*

then the next day his mom's like "who ate all the devil dogs?"
and my friend was all like "jake"
and i was like "wtf, man"
**** no, id blame it on my friend because my parents wouldnt get pissed at my friend. that way nobody got yelled at and we could continue to raise shit with the inferior pussy ass kids
Probably. Don't remember though. Still voted "Yes." nonetheless
You dirty piece of shit, you.

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