Hello UG, this is my first post in this section so I hope its in the correct place.

I installed a Seymour Duncan JB jr in the bridge position of my strat and my guitar was pretty dusty so I decided to clean everything while it was disassembled. I took the bridge pieces out (where the strings go through the bridge and you adjust the string height) I measured the string height from the beginning but I forgot to see if all the piece are the same.

As it turns out there are two of the bridges pieces that uses a smaller screw than the rest for adjusting string height, are they dedicated to a specific string or can they be placed anywhere?

thank you in advance and yes I am new at this.
No, they don't need to go anywhere specific. A safe convention would be to put the taller ones on the saddles for the middle strings, since the radius of the fretboard needs lower saddles towards the outside strings, but if you can adjust the bridge to the right height with the screws, it doesn't matter where they go.