not a perfect performance, but I'm decently satisfied with my playing... this is a song I wrote on my new acoustic, a wonderful guitar from a manufacturer called Stonebridge... check it out and let me know what you think

Hi mate!
First of all, I love Stonebridge guitars. That one's quite expensive isn't it?

Anyway, for the song. I think the first 30 seconds had a very cool ambient melody. The chorus works good with that, but I think if you'd try to perhaps alter the bass a little so it's just not the same note playing, it'd sound even better.

The second part sounded pretty sweet too, but i think you should consider the same thing there. From 1:00 and on you have different bass notes playing and I like that!
You're style is quite different, but I like it!


Will you do a C4C?
The tone is excellent. Very bright and dreamy. You have great accuracy and so much skill. The playing, melody, and even the notes themselves have so much emotion. Really liking this. It was a bit short, but maybe that's just because I wanted a lot more. Haha. Amazing tune. Keep it up. I love this style.

Thanks for the feedback. Honestly, when I recorded it, I kinda thought the same thing about the bassline in the first part, but decided against rewriting and re-recording.

That stonebridge was about $2000, so yes it was very expensive (for my budget, at least) but could have been about 2750, however I got it on a deal, and I love it death.

PS: I c4ced both you guys, awesome music (and artwork too, for you Hartlot Hero)