I'm looking for some good software synthesisers that have good customizable sequencers built in. I'm trying to get sci-fi sounds for a game soundtrack I'm working on. It might be a longshot but can anyone help out? There are a lot of synths out there and many of them are less than idea for me.
Fruity Loops got some intresting sounds that can be costumized after your wish if you take some time to get into the software.
The demo is free, and the only bad side about it is that you can't save your projects.
Are you looking for samples, sequencer, or synths.

You can't beat FL in terms of a sequencer, but at the same time it has shitty samples. Native Instruments Battery 3 is a sequencer that is also great, comes with a bunch of drum samples but you can sequence and process anything in it.

If your looking for synths, the way to go is GForce Oddity and GForce Minimoonsta and the Arturia V2 Collection they are all a little on the expensive side for some people, but I can create synths on those all day. A lot of great sounds can also be made in Native Instruments Massive (but I don't really care for it myself, as I prefer more retro feeling synths).

If your looking for sample based synths look at Nexus 2 or Native Instrument Kontakt (or the free Kontact Player that can play a bunch of third party sample libraries). There is also the huge (and hugly overrated) Omnisphere, I think its around $300. I don't mess with sample based synths as much as I make my owns sounds, or find my own samples to manipulate.
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You're question is kind of vague. "good customizable sequencers built in"

That sounds like any midi compatible DAW. Which is all of them.

Or are you asking for a step-sequence style VST. Ala 303 clone?

Do you material for textural background? Or SFX type laser noises?

Shit, If you want some noise I'll do it for free. I love this shit.
Reason has some great variety and a huge amount of customization/tweaking for your sounds.
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