not sure this is the right section, but I figured you guys would know the most about this stuff. I have a crybaby classic I need to replace the pot on and there are two different pots I have found. ecb039 and ecb024b (hotpotz?) are the models...here are links...




The second one (ecb039) is exactly what is in the wah now, and what dunlop sent me a link to, to buy.

The first one (ecb024b), on some other sites, is listed as an upgrade to the standard pot. Does anyone have any experience with these and/or know the differences? Does one sound better than the other/last longer etc? And I did ask dunlop the same question just now, I am just asking here because they take like a week to respond and I need to buy it today and get it in there asap.
If you're ordering online, there are various sites that make quality pots, more remniscent of vintage and boutique wahs, (ICAR, etc) not garbage like Dunlop's stuff.
I guess it would make the Wah more sensitive and perhaps affect range.
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