I've been deliberating the genre of this song for a while, but I just can't figure it out.

Anyway, I recorded a vocal demo of one of the songs from my next album and I'd love some critiques! The vocals may not be all that awesome in my opinion, but that's why this is just a demo, right?

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Very haunting intro. Had me hooked right away. Great panning too. I see you had a surgery. Taking that into consideration, I really like the vocals. Great lyrics. Voice is very powerful, but could have more feeling. Very unique vocals. Catchy vocal melodies. Loving the string sections. 3:36-4:11 was probably my favorite part. Beautifully haunting solo. Love those low notes you hit with your voice. Just tried to hit them myself and I sounded like a dying giraffe. You've got a very smooth voice. Real nice. Everything fits together so well. Catchy song. I really like it.

Crit for crit?
It's all good man no worries about defining the genre. I like how the guitar seemed to fade into a reverb and you made it have a fuller sound. Ooo is that strings coming in? with bass and drums. Your vocals work well with the sound your going for.

The drums seem far away. Not sure you where going for a mellow sounding mix. Seemed like your telling a story which I like. For me I lost interest in the song around 3 mins. I would try and add a hook or a chorus to drive the song.

Cause the whole story telling works but I can't listen to it fully if im losing interest.

Crit 4 Crit!

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Audio quality is quite good. I think the vocals (a bit pitchy, but otherwise fine) are the weak point of the recording. I just got Melodyne recently, maybe something like that could help. Nice piano solo! Instrumentally, everything sounds very good! Please review my music at this link: