Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that I finished kind of my first song and wanted to hear your opinions, all comments are more than welcome.

Please take notice that I have not study music or any instruments, Im a self thaught guitar player and nothing more. Luckely guitar pro 5 is what I use and its really easy to write your ideas in there.

So once again, feel free to listen to my gp5 tab.

Download the gp5 file: http://minus.com/mblGvAWY7D/1f

P.D: I Apologize for my bad english :S
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Great work for being your first song! I really like the build up to bar 27, and the leads kicking in at 51 was spot on. also enjoyed the fade-out. the part at 37 cool but i feel like it's not really going anywhere, you know? what i feel that the song is lacking is probably some really memorable parts, something catchy. It would be great if you added some vocal ideas if you have any!=) keep on writing!


Thanks for the crit!

Really good effort for your first song. You stayed in key, have a good sense of transitioning, etc. It's all very well done.

I'm a sucker for the seashore effects, anything that evokes rain/sea/ocean is pretty nice. The piano bits were very well written.

It's pretty short, although I assume it's an instrumental so that's fine.

I agree with Latzar that it's not very memorable, but it does set a mood. This would be a good interlude track.
All is ghost in memory and poison in the sun
Thanks for your critics Latzar and Wquennasar! I will keep both in mind.
in the part at 39 I really didnt know what to put in there to get into the 51 part.. thats probably the section I need to work the most.

About vocals, I wanted to be instrumental as Wquennasar said, like some sort of interlude or I dont know..

I'll try to fix some parts and see if I can get it to be more memorable.

Again, thanks for your critics! Really appreciated
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I quite liked it, I liked how it all builds up slowly at the start, and the atmosphere created was nice. The melodies were pretty good, the bass stood out in particular. The tapping bit was a stand out point too. I was just a bit disappointed it just faded out like that. I was waiting for it to keep on building up until there was like an explosion of sound, but it just faded out while it was building up.

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I like the intro, kind of reminds me of some epic video game music. It just gets better as more instruments come into it too. Bass part reminds me a bit of Tales Of music, which is a good thing. Usually I dislike tapping, but it was very well done in this song. I am also disappointed in the fact that is just faded out, I think an 'explosion of sound' like the above user said would of fit perfect.

Overall, what you got there is very nice.
thank you very much for your critics, I know it faded out but that was kind of my intention, to leave you wanting more sort of speak. Its obviously instrumental.

Again thanks for the crits guys