Hi all,

So beginning of last year I got some mates together who were keen to form a pub covers band. We are now at the point where we have about 40 songs that equates to roughly 3hours of material including a half time break etc.

Our set will include the typical classic pub bands: GnR, Queen, Beatles, Metallica and so forth. Also newer material from Muse and Incubus.

I'm keen for advice as to how we should go about getting gigs!!??

PLAN - Ok so the my plan is to record a 5-6min compilation track featuring about 30seconds of 10 of our songs. I'll then package this in a CD cover which contains our contact details, our FULL set list and just go to pubs and hand these out to the pub managers. I was thinking I would offer to do them a good deal for a first gig, and tell them we can negotiate a price over phone if he likes what he hears on the CD.

The reason for doing only short snippets instead of full songs, is that the pub manager can just quickly get an idea of how good we are without having to troll through 30min of songs. I'm sure he's a busy man!!

I was also thinking I'll try and find some smaller pubs which will be good for experience.

SOUND GEAR - In terms of gear I have a pair of active Whalfdale speakers and a small mixer, plus guitar amps and mics. Initally at small venues I was thinking we can just make do without fold back speakers or a sub. Once we get going I'll invest in more gear.

I'm keen to hear some feedback on this approach and better ideas?
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