Hey guys, I really need a new amp for practicing with friends, no gigging. I play mostly prog, such as yes, between the buried and me, opeth and porcupine tree. So my problem is a need an amp with excellent cleans, but can still make that crunchy sound for the harder stuff. I'm currently debating between

Peavey 6505 112


Peavey Valveking 212

But I'm also open to any suggestions. I would like to spend between 500-700 if possible, maybe a little more. I don't live by many local shops, or any really so It's near impossible for me to go and play them first, so I want to get a winner from the start. Also because of my location I couldn't buy anything used locally. Thank you in advance!
500-700 US dollars?

Get a really nice vox , excellent cleans and awesome overdrive.
no, not a vox. they aren't for that type of music.

having played the VK next to my recently departed 6505+ combo, I would say neither. the VK would be better, but I don't think it has the right distortion for you. the 6505 has pretty much no cleans to speak of. so thats out right away.

check out a traynor custom special 50. its a little more than you planned on spending, but it is a very good amp. I recently played one, and the cleans are very nice, and the distortion is quite good too. maybe not the heaviest sound ever, but certainly more than enough for what you're doing. one of the most impressive amps I've seen in some time, especially for under a grand
if you want more versatile XXX/JSX 3120 XXX2 they are very similar and be able to do everything better than either option above.
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