Hi, I currently own an amazing Ibanez S570DXQM guitar and im looking to get a fret job. About a month ago I went to my local music store and asked the guitar repairman how much it would cost and he said $100 and im just wondering if this price would be about right for the guitar that I have.
and when i say fret job i mean a fret redress and crowning. Hopefully I don't need new frets but i've only had the guitar about a year and 4 months
I've never heard of anyone needing a refret after a year. 5-10, maybe. $100 is reasonable for a crown and dress with a setup.
Thanks guys, yea the reason im looking into one is because I have noticed that when I am playing i get fret buzz on some frets but not others, especially when sliding during solos. Also i have noticed my sustain has taken a bit of a hit. Anyway thanks for the input.