for a moment, I thought
she was finally going to take it off,
peel back the layers and reveal
the blinding vacant truth
(right there in the restaurant, no less)

was I on drugs?
would that have changed anything?

I couldn't think straight
which is to say: every thought expanded
then exploded into a thousand more
which expanded and exploded
with a sloppy precision
toward forever

tables and chairs belted
their stories in ballad form
as if suddenly, they realized
their whispers had never been enough

the garbage reeked
the smell of our collective waste
attacking with waves
I felt a sudden sort of landlocked sea sickness
(mental note: recycling bin for apt.)

I wanted to go
but the clock
read illegible
I had already sold all of my time
there were people in line who expected me to feel fine
just like that
I did

I barely glimpsed her shadow as it slipped behind the veil
I want Super Saiyan abilities