i posted another thread about strings but i just thought about this a few minutes ago

i play mostly electric and use the dunlop jazz 3's. i love the max-grip because my hands get sweaty and i have a tendency to lose my grip on picks now and again.

the problem i'm finding tho is that they just don't feel right for big chord, acoustic strumming. i do a lot of finger picking for single notes but when it comes to chords i prefer the clarity and attack of using a pick.

any suggestions on a pick that will be forgiving yet will help me keep my grip on it?

curios about the "gel" picks and other, softer materials as i think the pick being more forgiving will help me keep my grip on it because i won't have to fit it as much
I use just about whatever pick I have laying around but nothing over .71mm (Purple Dunlops with the alligator). I bought a pack of .60mm Star Picks by Everly and they seem to stay put pretty well. I would recommend them and will probably get some more when I loose the rest of them. I have one of the Cool Picks and it was nice too. Or just do the hole punch trick.

I use the same picks for acoustic and electric, but mainly play acoustic with 12s.
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