New used guitar day for me. Yay. I bought a used Ibanez RX60 from some kid on craigslist. $64 is what she costs me and so far I think it was all worth it.

I've heard about Ibanez necks being thin and fast but I've never tried any. This Ibanez, although it may be cheap, has a very thin and quick neck. Im very impressed so far.

Really nice guitar for the price. Sounds good, very versatile guitar. I can get a good blues tone with it, as well as a nice clean sound. The only thing I have found that I dont like is that it sounds a bit thin. I think the bridge/tremolo might need to be adjusted. Seems pretty low. Good guitar, I think new pickups might be in order for it in the future. Definitely not a palm mute chugga-chugga guitar but thats okay with me. Its nice to play something different after having my Dean from Hell for so long.

Great guitar for the price. I am pleasantly surprised.
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nice. i like relative obscure finds. i have a few. kind of cool when you have something that most people don't regularly see on here.

HNGD, enjoy her
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Wow, that's a nice looking guitar! HNGD!

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Is that bridge too high or are the pups too low?
I dunno, something looks a bit odd in that 4th pic.
Nice find! Great bang for your buck