My SG took a tumble and the headstock is in rough condition just wondering how much it wouldcost to fix or if it is fixable at all. Thanks!
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Yes, titebond wood glue will fix it along with several clamps in the right place's to make sure it is 100% in place and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Make sure no glue gets in or around the truss rod.
I would've taken the strings off IMMEDIATELY. All they're doing is putting tension on it making it worse. Do what ^ said with the glue or ask a guitar tech for advice. Sorry that happened bro.
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to make you feel better, i picked up an 80's gibson for like $150$200, and the crack was repaired, you could never tell the difference. and the joint will be stronger if fixed properly.

but damn it sucks.
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same thing happened to my sg, my heart was broken lol. mine wasnt as severe as yours, but took it to a local shop and like what was already said, that titebond stuff is what the guy used. just fine know, 4 years later, about 70 bucks if you have some else do it. make sure you dont get ripped off tho, the guy that did mine tried to charge me just over 200 bucks, but i argued it down to 70