I have a MIM Strat and want to eventually move up to playing 13's. I have a floating bridge and have read all about doing your truss rod, bridge, etc adjustments after you change strings.

When I switched from 9's, I didn't have to change much, but I want to know if I will have to shave my nut since the strings I want are thicker. If I do, how would I go about shaving it? Is it better to just buy a new nut? Thanks

I've been playing for about 5 years and I judge I have strong fingers, but I still want to move up gauge by gauge
Don't move up to 13's just because Stevie did. It doesn't make you look cool, but if you really actually like 13's, go for it. I'd recommend stopping at 11's/12's, as you won't get much of a difference in sound between those and 13's.

If 10's don't cut it and feel too loose, go to 11-54. And you want to file the individual nut slots horizontally, just make sure you do it right, or you'll have to go through the unnecessary pain of getting a new nut.
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Thanks for the quick reply!

How exactly do you file the nut slots? Can you use anything (knife, boxcutter)?
You could spend money on nut files, or ghetto-rig it and use that file thing on toe-nail clippers, but you have to be VERY careful filing the nut ghetto-style. You have to make sure the depth of the file is right and go very slow with it. Don't rush.
11's usually have no problem fitting in regular nuts. its 12's that u have to worry about
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Most factory nuts in my experience fit 11s better than 9s, try it out before messing with the nut
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