Still learning how to master and all that jazz so this isnt exactly perfect and is my first piece of work since before I went to bootcamp 7 months ago. I tried to go for a Haunted Shores/ BTBAM sound while trying to make it slightly original. Hope you enjoy it and I'd appreciate any feedback!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO BASS!!!! cut it down and add more precense to it D: men sorry but it really sucked D: the song was cool but sound bad really the rythym was lost in the mix, lead was the only good thing but in some parts it sound too muddy.... really
I would recommend concentrating on your mixing skills. Don't bother mastering until the mix is perfect. And I would recommend getting someone else to master it anyway (only after much critique and testing on various systems to make sure the mix is ok).

Great playing, but yes too much bass.

The drums are too quite imo, maybe the drum recording / samples are recorded at low quality. Sounds like there's a shit load of reverb on it, sounds in the room next door. It's hard to hear but the kick sounds very "puffy". It's not really adding much drive. Maybe it's the sample I don't know, but try emphasize the 50/100Hz region on the kick drum layer & cut out most frequencies apart from maybe some peaks at 2/3/4/5kHz and see what happens.

I think the guitars sound pretty messy in the more mental parts.
Not messy playing but it was hard to distinguish one from the other.

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