I am not to big on electrics so i need some help on this one. I recognize mighty mite neck and floyd rose but not sure of the body, tuning pegs, and pickup. I can't find any numbers on the body either. I noticed the two holes by the nut, not sure what thats for. I'm looking to sell it soon so any info will help me out, or estimates if you could. Thanks
photo 1.jpg
photo 2.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 5.jpg
photo 7.jpg
Well it looks like an invader pickup and those holes were likely for a string tree.
A couple diff style ones it would seem by the 3 holes.
The tuners are sperzels, should be quality.

I have seen this guitar before but dont know anything else about it, sorry.
Looks like Sperzal Locking Tuners, and Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader Pickup, Not too sure as to who made the V body though... and beat before the knowledgeable gentleman above me, agreed to everything said above.
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Got a better view of the headstock or description of what is on it?
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I am pretty sure that the guitar was made in late 70s/early 80s because I see an older design Floyd rose. And yes, the pickup is an Invader and the tuners are Sperzels

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Given the style of the guitar, and the very early Floyd Rose without fine tuners makes it very early 80's. It looks very similar to the early Kramer V models, maybe a Vanguard. The setup of the volume and tone controls looks very similar and I know they had models with a single pickup. But I'm pretty sure it would say Kramer on the neck plate, regardless.
Wow thanks for all the replies! Yeah I guess the body is the only thing is question now, I wish it had the body plate to help. But thanks again for the input, appreciate it!