So basically I just came into a little money selling my midi controller. I've just started a band with some local musicians. The thing is my PRS Santana SE is kinda messed up, got it second hand and the pots need replacing.

Anyway with the cash I could get a new pair or pots+pickups (Duncan C5/59 or Pearly Gates/59). But I also need/want new pedals for the sound we're going for, an EHX Small Stone.

I have another guitar (Epi Tom Delonge a friend gave me), which I don't like quite as much. Which would be the biggest bang for my buck?

Pickups+pots or Pots+Pedal?

Electronics first. Pickups will run you about $150 and the electronics (I'm guessing vol pot, tone pot, switch and input jack) all together will run about $20.


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Honesty I'm pretty sure PRS makes pretty solid pick-ups so if there's nothing wrong with them I'd go with pots+pedal, but if the pick-ups are bad or something then new pick-ups are more important in the long run
Thats like asking Cannon 7D or Photoshop CS5..... well not really.

But the point is, you should ALWAYS dial your tone in the guitar first. Everything else is just "voices" your guitar's tone in an adjustable way.
That's tough. I suppose the pedal will benefit you more in the short run, so go for that.
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