Our band decided to do a cover of "Crossroad" as one of the songs for our last Spring Concert before graduating from high school. It's not perfect, there are mistakes, but still, hope you guys like it : ) btw. Watch in 1080p HD! And feel free to leave a comment or help us click like on youtube. Cheers!!


If you're wondering which one is me, I would be the vocal in this vid. My band mate is playing on my Black Maple Neck Strat. I usually play guitar and he's the main vocalist in our band, but for this song, I decided to sing cz I love Crossroad. lol
Hey guys, is there another song that's similar to Crossroads? I mean, this style of music and similar vocal range, not too hard on the guitar and not too hard on the vocal. Cz I really enjoyed singing and playing this type of song. Was hoping to find another song similar to Crossroads and perform it if there's another chance, or just do a cover on my own. Any suggestions? : p