tl;dr just for people hovering: I ****ing hate HTML5, and I need to know if I can ever love it.

So, I can't stand HTML5 players. Why can't the world just rely on Flash? Everytime I play a video on YT the uses HTML5, it's always freezing when it's playing (no sound, frozen video but timer still counting). And if I try to go forward, or backward the player just crashes. Is there any kind of fix I can get here?

It's not my internet speed, I know people who get this problem too with incredible download rates. Not RAM issues either. It's on Youtube's end, yeah them, **** them. We should be able to choose whether we actually come across any HTML5 videos.

tl;dr2 halp
What browser you using?

At the end of the day, speaking strictly computationally HTML5 is just better. It allows for far more flexibility and is much less hassle to code.
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