Hi, hope the title wasn't too vague but that's the best way I could sum this up in one sentence.

I'm not really working within a budget, but >$1000 definitely. I don't judge guitars by their price tag. Preferrably >$500 if I can get something decent. I will be getting it on layaway, so going more expensive just means I'll be waiting for it longer.

Basically, to expand on the title of the thread, I am looking to play things like Megadeth, some Slayer as well as some Paganini violin-type stuff and a bit of Yngwie. Pretty much just some nice chugging riffs combined with a brighter, chimey sort of tone if you see where I'm coming from. Also, both of my other electrics are tuned/set up for C Standard and this one would be for E and Eb Standard so it will have to have a bit of tonal variety; I think meeting the requirements of the first two sentences of this paragraph should cover it though.

The only real preference I have would be that the guitar have a bare minimum of 22 frets. I would definitely prefer 24 unless something really exceptional catches my eye. Other than that, having a thicker neck with a bit of a narrow fretboard would be nice. Either [super]strat shape or something more pointy (V,X) would be good. Any brand. Hardtail would be preferrable too but not really essential.

For pickups, I am really leaning toward a passive HSS configuration so I can get that heavier, overdriven sound as well as a lighter, more melodic lead tone.

This will have to be new because pawn shops around here sell for about 90% full price anyway. Trust me, it's not a good idea where I live. I live in the city of Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan (Canada).

I currently own:
2nd guitar- Washburn X300 Pro (low-mid level with HH configuration. Hardtail. 25.5" scale)
3rd guitar- DBZ Cavallo (high-mid level. V shaped, HH configuration. Floyd Rose equipped. 24.75" scale.)

I also have a crappy el Degas acoustic which is barely worth mentioning because it is barely playable and had to be repaired before it was given to me. It's also 20" scale.

I was looking at mainly some Fender/Squier Strats and some Ibanez models with a similar shape. I am completely lost when it comes to Strats because I don't have a clue about the different models and what many of them are good for. I try out guitars in-store, but it just doesn't cut it unless I can play them on my own rig. Also, I mentioned Ibanez because I noticed they seem to be made from lighter woods and appear to have lots of variety in what they offer- I just hope all Ibanez necks aren't the same.

If it plays well (low action, levelled frets) and sounds good for recording I don't really care if it's a Squier Bullet (even though that is quite unlikely). Also, I plan to have this guitar for my whole life pretty much so things like a good nut and solid tuners are a must.

Sorry for all the text, but chances are if you're the kind of person with the patience to read all of that you're probably more likely to give me good advice!
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For some reason the first guitar i though of after reading this was an ibanez Xiphos, check them out, theres a few different models ( including a 27 frett beast)
dont know if it fully suits, but i thought id chuck it in there since its the first thing that came to mind.
plus these have a real awesome neck pickup in them.
Funny, I was just looking at Ibanez X series guitars. That's a sexy one too.

I'll have to check it out, thanks!
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Gaza Strip- home. At least it was before I fucked ereythang up...