So I kinda just figured out Blackstar doesn't make a 40-watt HT head. Only a 50 watt. Which is just a bit out of my price range. Is the 20-watt really that much worse? Has anyone played these?
Haven't played them, but they sound good from what I've heard from demos. The 20 watt will be a bit quieter and will break up a bit easier.
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Haven't played them, but they sound good from what I've heard from demos. The 20 watt will be a bit quieter and will break up a bit easier.

Yep, thats your answer there
Well I figured that, but the two different voicings on each channel on the 50 over just the two channels on the 20, is it worth it?
I think they make a 40 watt combo. Check it out unless you really want a head.
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Well if you have your heart set on the HT50 and you say its 'just' out of your budget then how much longer would it take for you to save the extra money to be bale to buy the HT50?

If thats the one you have your heart set on then youre always gonna feel like you had to settle for less by getting the HT20.
Had my heart set on a head actually, and 40-watts was my limit, 50 tube would just be too much for the small places I'll be playing. And nah, the 20-watt is just fine.
You realize that there will be no real volume difference between 40 and 50 watts, right?

Is your heart set on a Blackstar? There are tons of other options out there, and if you let us know what your max budget is, we could throw you a couple suggestions.
I have an HT-20 combo and love it. I don't gig with it though, but that has more to do with my abilities rather than the amps. It does get very loud and would be suitable for smaller venues.
There is when you practice in an apartment... Oh trust me... there is... and My budget is about 700$ for head. can bump it up about 50 if need be. I'm playing with a Schecter Damien Elite, and a telecaster copy. I play in a modern metal/alternative rock band, and personally play every single genre known to man. Suggestions would be more than welcome.
I have the HT-40 combo and it is plenty loud for most smaller venues. In addition it is quiet enough for practice in my apartment. If you want 40 watts I would consider the combo. I love mine to death.
When I bought my HT40 I extensively tried it against the HT20 and decided the 40 watt was a much better investment.

Do you already have a cab? because the HT50 head is actually cheaper than the HT40 combo.

I would advise saving up the extra and getting the HT50 if you really want a head but otherwise the combo would be a good purchase
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Well if wattage really concerns you that much, check out the Carvin V3m. Switchable down to 7 watts if you're using it in your apartment.
Anybody like the Jet City JCA22H? It sounds pretty good to me. And I'll take a look at that combo.