Hey folks,

I have an American Strat (SSS) running in to a Blues Junior III. I have in a chain the following:

Boss TU-3
Boss DS-2
EH Big Muff
Dunlop 535Q
Boss BD-2
Boss DD-3
Boss CS-3

I am obviously losing some signal and I have a significant buzz. I have quality cables and power supplies. I am running an adapter to the TU-3 and a daisy chain to all other pedals except the 535Q, which I run another adapter. What could I do to eliminate signal loss and eliminate buzz? Thanks for any help.
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A few things.

True bypass your pedals.

Ferrite beads on cables.

Shielding inside your guitar cavity.

True bypass box.

Really you wanna ditch the Boss gear.
The buffers are pretty crap.

Ensure youre using a quality power supply that can deliver at least twice the current (mA) that your pedals require)

Double check the connections on your cables, make sure the ground isnt disconected, you should get some hum without touching your guitar, and then it should get a bit quieter when you touch anything metal. If it doesnt you have a lose ground connection somewhere, probably in your guitar or a cable.

Also if you have an FX loop that youre using pedals in, you cant run pedals off the same daisy chain as the pedals that are before the amp. That will cause ground loop hum.
No FX loop. Are you saying that if I do all of the above but keep the boss pedals I'll probably still get a buzz?
Could be, try taking a pedal out of your chain at a time see if you can spot a noticeable difference with a particular pedal. Only way to narrow it down really is to go through every part of your gear.

Unless its your amp ofc, have you tried straight into the amp?

Oh and try not running the daisy chain from the TU3, it probably wont be delivering enough current.
Start with no pedals and add one at a time until you see a problem. Could be a cable or a pedal. Learn to isolate and diagnose.