I'm kinda having some kind of musical burn out as of late.

Anyone have any advice to deal with this?
take a break

go mountain biking

smoke some weed

anything to just relax

its always hardest to try and write good music when your trying to write music if that makes any sense
Don't force it out, take a breather. Hang out with friends, have fun (what the guy above said).
If that doesn't work, try listening to some tunes that got you into music in the first place (or just anything you really like). That's how I usually deal with these stuff.


I went through this a while ago. My band needed more material, and I just couldn't write anything. I tried painting, though, and that worked really well. Just a different type of art than you're used to, even if you suck at it, can really get you back in the swing of things.
yeah. learn more theory, train your ear, listen to/play more genres of music.

source(s): never had a "musical burnout" since i started training musicianship seriously.
Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst.
I find taking a break from guitar completely helps a lot.

Or just playing when the mood takes you - not feeling an obligation to do it.

Doing something different is good advice too. Whether that be something new on guitar or something else entirely.
actually one of the things that helped me be accident is i started writing short storys , then used the storys to build a song out of
Thanks for the advice guys. I do have a band and I don't suffer that burnout when writing with my band.

I mean when I'm just writing for myself, for my solo stuff. I don't know it just seems like there is something missing. Thanks for the advices again maybe I've just been exposed to too many options or something
same thing as gothblade said.

I miss the ****ing band jaming...! It is more vital and spontaneous!

If you are stuck writing alone get a band.
If you are stuck writing at all get a fresh mind.
Last one I struggle myself with a lot.
If wanna do so much but have too much deficits to do it.
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