Hey, I'm thinking about getting a used Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet. My idea is to use it as a booster rather then a standalone OD. I'm playing a no-name LP through Blackstar HT60. I was thinking Fulldrive might help enhance the cleans on my amp, because quite frankly they're nothing to write home about. You know, add just a pinch of overtones, very slight OD, something to colorize the sound. Also it seems that pedal is capable of boosting a heavily overdriven amp for some extra juice although it has little gain of its own which I think I might be worried about later although right now I don't know why.

Sorry for not being clearer, I trust you get what I'm trying to say here. Would Fulldrive work the way I think it could?

Other OD pedals I've been thinking about right now are the Xotic BB+ (although doesn't seem like it can *just* boost cleans) and Mad Professor Sweet Honey.

Any thoughts?
It'll probably work just fine. You can also crank your clean channel till it starts to crunch up, and then just manipulate the volume knob on your guitar to do the same thing without having to buy a pedal.
Something like a Barber LTD SR is what you'd be looking for add a bit a bit of grit to cleans and shape the tone as it can add some transparent grit and alter the tone with the tone knob. I'm getting my Timmy in June and I can tell you how that works as it's supposed to be very transparent yet capable of tone shaping with it's treble and bass knobs. I can tell you that the Fulltone Fulldrive is a bit too crunchy for just enhancing cleans and seems more designed for getting a singing overdrive relevant to your amp's tone.
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A lot of low gain overdrives can be used as boosts if you set the volume and gain knob correctly. I have really liked my Fulltone OCD as a clean boost lately, having said that I also owned a Fulltone Fat Boost 3 which was also excellent but I sold it because I found the OCD did what the Fat Boost 3 did and lots more. But I have to hand it to the Fat Boost in the way of tone shaping as it gave you options to shape your treble and bass along with adding just a hint of grit or making it very clear and glassy. So definitely check out the OCD and Fat Boost.
Oh gah, forget it... I just saw the new stuff from Maxon and I'll probably end up getting both of the tubed pedals eventually. Thanks for the replies anyway. =)