Hey all! This is my first post on here aside from the obligatory "promote your band" so I'd just like to say hello and go easy on me :P but to the point, me and my friends have been jamming for about 8 months and within the past three we've decided to get more serious with it. We're all good caliber musicians and in college so we practice often and My friend just bought a Peavy P8 mixer so this Saturday we're recording a demo cd, just our 3 strongest originals and a cover. Basically my question is what do we do next? We've got good songs and great chemistry but we're just stuck in that rut where we practice alot and write music but none of us have any idea where to really take it from there because we're all great at playing actual music but we know jack shit about the business aspect. The music scene around here is pretty stale (we live on long island, I've only seen 2 bands come out of here and meet some relative form of "success" and both were that shitty all time low power punk pop rock type and both went under in about a year). Any advice on how to take our next step??
Go get some gigs, and maybe take it to the bandleading forum or something. Probably get better replies there.
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1. After recording this demo, take it to venues around there, try and get some shows.
2. Don't have an attitude of "making it or nothing." That sucks all the fun out of it, and just accept that more than likely, you're not going to make money out of being in a band.