Dan Gower Amplification JCA20H - £235/€300

This was a Jet City 20H that Dan Gower modified to my specifications mid-late last year. It sounds fantastic. I'll put a link to a local listing that details all the specifications of the mod. Read it to hear about the solid work Dan does. The amp cost €600+ altogether and is worth twice that amount, in my opinion. It sounds like a more vintage version of my old Soldano Hot Rod Avenger. The amp works great as a lower wattage high gain head for jamming and recording.

I live in Ireland so I'd prefer to sell it locally, but if you want me to organise a courier then I'd be happy to box it up professionally and charge you the exact amount of the shipping, which should be around £40. You can pay with PayPal if you cannot collect and we can split the fees between us. I have many, many great dealings with members from eBay, Ultimate-Guitar, Harmony-Central, Music Radar, D*A*M, ilovefuzz, etc., all under the username AngryGoldfish.

Details of the mods:

Dan Gower Amplification Facebook pages:

I have many great deals all over the world wide web. Just ask for references!
How much would shipping to the UK be, I'll have to check with my brother. See if he's interested.
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It depends on whether you want insurance, but it won't be cheap. Don't expect anything less than £40. However, it's still more than worth it, in my opinion. It's easily as good as the Soldano equivalent. And I'm not just saying that - I've owned a Soldano.
I'll pay the current asking price if it includes postage to uk? I'm sure there will be a cheap courier on the webs somewhere.
If you don't want insurance then I'm sure there will be someone who can do it for relatively cheap. I can box it up professionally, but if anything went wrong then I wouldn't be liable.
I've got a few questions, but take this as nothing solid at the moment. I'd need to find myself a cab. PMd.