An original drum and bass style song.

I haven't really produced anything in a while, so the production is quite rough tbh, and I don't have great equipment available to me atm, so excuse the poor quality and over-compression.

I produce entirely on reason 5, and I made most of the synths from scratch or they adaptations of ones from boyinaband youtube tuts.

Thanks for any crit in advance.

I will match any crit ASAP, just drop me a link in your reply.
High quality stuff! It reminds me so much of tangerine dream
The song really changed at 1:13. It was pretty unexpected but not too bad! I would probably build up that part a little bit more though and the ending probably needs a change. Otherwise i have nothing bad to say. It's a great song! Very good job indeed
Do you ever experiment with time signatures when you create electronic music?

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