Guys! Get ready for the second movie with Brian Fantana in it! Oh, and Ron Burgundy, Brick Tamilin, and even Champ Kind! The Octagon and I are really excited for our second movie!

Anchorman 2 is Happening!
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Image is about having hot licks & rock star swag, not fancy amps.

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That's what the Illuminati wants you to think, man
I'll believe it when it happens. A few years ago, School of Rock 2 was definitely happening and then... nothing. And how many times have we recently heard that ghostbusters 3 was in the works?

Call me cynical, but I'll believe once they actually start filming it.
Another shitty movie getting an even worse shitty sequel. Anyone wanna take bets that it will be worse than Harold & Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay?
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